Principle of High Frequency Induction Heating
The magnetic flux occurs by applying an alternating electric current (number KHz - hundreds of KHz) to the conductor (generally, are a copper pipe) which was rolled up in solenoid shape. When putting metal in it, the magnetic flux pierces a metallic body and the eddy current (the turn electric current) occurs to the direction of right angles to the magnetic flux. --- This action is called electromagnetic induction. Joule heat (I2R) generate by the resistance in the metallic body and the temperature rises. This is induction heating. The heated material such as metal can be heated by the non-contact by this action. (Generate of heating is by Joule heat and by the hysteresis loss, but mainly by Joule heat.)


@ Fast-heating is available.
  (It is possible to heat to the temperature for the purpose in the second compared with
   the other way.)

A Local heating is available.

B Energy-saving.
  (Dormant state electric power is only needed except during the operation.)

C It is possible to operate a constant temperature automatically.
  (It is possible to do the manufacture that the technique of being experienced was stable
   even if it was not.)

D Clean
  (It doesn't generate harmful material).

E As for the heated material, it is but the conditions can heat if being metal.

  * The conditions are mainly heating frequency and high frequency output power.

  * Generally, the big work uses the low frequency and the small one uses the high

  * High frequency output power is fixed by the work mass/processing time and



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